1970  Born in Beijing
1996  Graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
2002  Diploma of masters from Central academy of fine arts.
Now lives and works in BeiJing China

Solo exhibitions:
1996   "Bright sunshine",Zeeston gallery  HongKong
1997   "A day in the life",Zeeston gallery  HongKong
1998   "Summer in the City",Zeeston gallery  Hong Kong
          Yan Bo’s Oil Painting Exhibition   Pacific Place  Hong Kong
1999   "Summer in the City II",Zeeston gallery  Hong Kong
2000   "One man and his dog",Zeeston gallery  Hong Kong
2001   "Friend",Yan gallery       HongKong
2002   "Recent works of yanbo”    Yan gallery       HongKong
          “The colous of my life”      Heng Art Land    Singapore
2003   “Dog, Man and Women ”,     Yan gallery       Hong Kong
2004   “Dog, Man and Women ”,     Lee Garden       Hong Kong
2005    “Garden of duoduo”,Hanmo art gallery   Beijing
          “in the dog house”          Yan gallery       Hong Kong
          “Auguries of Innocence”     Heng Art Land    Singapore
2006   Bob yan's oil paintings    Taipei
2007   Bob Yan's oil painting    Linda gallery  Beijing
2008   Bob Yan's new works   Beijing
          Bob Yan's new works   Hongkong
          Bob Yan's new works   Korear
2009   Bob Yan's new works   Hanmo Gallery
2010   Bob Yan's new works   Hanmo Gallery
2011   Guangyin——yanbo's new work exhibition

2012   [ Gardener] - Yan Bo Solo Exhibition, Eastation Gallery, Hong Kong
2013   [ Dragonfly] - Yan Bo Solo Exhibition, Eastation Gallery, Beijing

Group exhibitions:

1991  Chinese Oil Painting Annual Exhibition,Beijing
         Chinese seasons Exhibition,Won a Bronze Medal,Beijing,Tokyo
1992  "1992Chinese Oil Painting Annual Exhibition",Hong Kong
1993  "1993Chinese Oil Painting Annual"  Beijing
1997  "Chinese Youth Oil Painting Exhibition "Be  ijing,ShangHai,ShenZhen,ChengDu

1998  Group show"Beauty and Beast"(3 artists),Beijing
         Chinese Landscape Painting and Landscape Oil Painting Exhibition   Beijing
1999  Marching towards the New Century – China Oil Painting Society Invitation Exhibition Hong Kong
2000  Exhibited at the "at the New Century1979—1999 Chinese Contemporary Art Works",Chengdu
         "20 Century Chinese oil painting exhibition",Beijing,Shanghai
         "Beijing Guest Exhibition of oil painting"  Beijing
         Group Exhibition:Strenth of Painting,Beijing
2001  Group show, entitled "Duplicate",Beijing
         "Expression Oneself----China Oil Painting New Strength Exhibition",Guangzhou,Beijing    

2002  "High summer : Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting",Beijing
         "Material and Expression",Beijing
         "Statement” Joint Exhibition   Guangzhou
2003  "China Today Art Exhibition"   Beijing
         Shanghai Spring Art Salon  Distinguished Young Artist Reward  Shanghai       
         "The 3th Chinese Oil painting Exhibition",Beijing 
         "Individual Power---Round Exhibition of Contemporary Artists"  Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou
2004   Group Exhibition:Fengfeng,YanBo,ZhangJin,  Beijing
         "The First Nominative Exhibition of Fine Arts Literature",Wuhan
         "China 10th National Artworks Exhibition",GuangZhou
         Participated in the creation of mural painting Victims and Defenders won the Gold Reward of the 10th

National Art Exhibition
2005  "A Colorful World",Guangzhou,Shanghai,Beijing
          2nd Chinese Landscape Painting and Landscape Oil Painting Exhibition (Beijing)

2010 China International Gallery Exposition(CIGE), Beijing, China"Tell" Across the Taiwan Straights Contemporary Art Exhibition