Eastation Gallery locates in Beijing CBD, owns a spacious building of more than one thousand square meters and fine facilities that enables itself comparable to an art museum. Eastation Gallery was inaugurated on March 2009, with the opening exhibition of “China’s Revision” A Review of China. We takes the promotion of Chinese contemporary art globally as its mission and devoted its efforts to exhibiting and promoting artists of important position in the history of Chinese modern art while keeping on the exploration of cooperation with young new artists.
With the efforts and development in the last several years, Eastation insisted the high academic standard to carry out the core business including digging indepth, restarting value, illustrating classic of Chinese contemporary art; as one of the best contemporary art platform with most influence and one of the representatives of the highest exhibition level in the Chinese gallery circles, Eastation has earned high praise, and its leading position in art has been assured.
Eastation Gallery opened the first branch in 2012, Eastation • Hong Kong will further develop larger group of collectors based on the solid art resources in Eastation Beijing. We provides professional academic services of exhibition and collection; meanwhile, art education, art information and other art relevant services are also involved in its multi-perspective development; a close relationship with curators, critics, art institutions and media in and abroad China has always been well kept.